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2011 Spring Open Results

posted May 1, 2011, 4:48 PM by Michael McCreary   [ updated May 1, 2011, 7:38 PM ]
Results are in for the 2011 San Luis Obispo Spring Open held last Saturday, April 30th!
The event was held at the Masonic Lodge in downtown San Luis Obispo. Except for the occassional door alarm going off it turned out to be a nice location. Thanks again to all the organizers and people that helped with the set up and clean up.
There were a number of upsets and tense finishes.
The Open section saw a tie for first place between Craig Faber of Yorba Linda and SLO Club member Miss Taylor McCreary with 3.5 point each. Taylor McCreary is from San Luis Obispo and is an 8th grader at Laguna Middle School. Both players now qualify as candidates for the Southern California State Championship tournament this summer. Kyle Reib of Santa Barbara and George Miller followed with 3 points each and SLO Club Member Solomon Ruddell rounded out the top finishers with 2.5 points. The under 1700 prize was shared between locals Mark Donovan and Robert Vandenouden along with Bradley Rush and Thomas Griffin.
The Reserve section had first-timer James Wilson in clear first with a perfect score of 4.0. Four players shared the next highest score of 2.5 including Fred Brown, Howard Gaxiola, Isaac Ruddell, and first-timer Jared Levenson.

2011 San Luis Obispo Spring Open: Open Section

# Name Rtng Team Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 Craig Allen Faber 2150 W16 W5 W3 D2 3.5
2 Taylor McCreary 1790 SLO W10 W4 W14 D1 3.5
3 George Miller 1896 FRESNO W11 W15 L1 W8 3.0
4 Kyle C Rieb 2097 SBA W18 L2 W12 W6 3.0
5 Solomon Ruddell 1855 SLO W13 L1 D15 W14 2.5
6 Mark Donovan 1639 SLO D9 W7 D8 L4 2.0
7 David Micha Wells 1795 BAK D8 L6 W10 D9 2.0
8 Bradley C Rush 1591 D7 W17 D6 L3 2.0
9 Alexander Pearson 1905 BAK D6 D14 D13 D7 2.0
10 Thomas P Griffin 1560 BAK L2 W18 L7 W17 2.0
11 Robert Vandenouden 1611 SLO L3 L12 B--- W13 2.0
12 Russell Bik 1743 FRESNO L15 W11 L4 D16 1.5
13 Steven Ster Baker 1592 BAK L5 W16 D9 L11 1.5
14 Tony A Miller 2007 SBA W17 D9 L2 L5 1.5
15 Robert I Reynolds 2186 SBA W12 L3 D5 U--- 1.5
16 Mark Keller 1742 SLO L1 L13 W17 D12 1.5
17 Breton Carr 1655 SLO L14 L8 L16 L10 0.0
18 Barbara A McCaleb 1675 SLO L4 L10 U--- U--- 0.0

2011 San Luis Obispo Spring Open: Reserve - U1500

# Name Rtng Team Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Tot
1 James Stuart Wilson unr. SLO W8 W3 W2 W6 4.0
2 Isaac Ruddell 1235 SLO W10 W6 L1 D4 2.5
3 E Fred Brown 1279 SLO W7 L1 D4 W9 2.5
4 Jared A Levenson unr. SLO D5 W9 D3 D2 2.5
5 Howard Gaxiola 990 SLO D4 W8 L6 W7 2.5
6 Chris Becker 1337 SLO W9 L2 W5 L1 2.0
7 Mike L Bess 519 SLO L3 W13 W11 L5 2.0
8 Douglas Stark 1179 BAK L1 L5 W10 H--- 1.5
9 William Bensky 946 SLO L6 L4 W13 L3 1.0
10 Jonah Grauel unr. L2 L11 L8 W13 1.0
11 Joey Ruddell 631 SLO U--- W10 L7 U--- 1.0
12 Michael McCreary 1070 SLO W13 U--- U--- U--- 1.0
13 Tobin Grauel unr. L12 L7 L9 L10 0.0