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2013 March Madness Results

posted Mar 25, 2013, 9:17 PM by Michael McCreary   [ updated Mar 25, 2013, 9:32 PM ]
We had a great time at the tournament! It was such a beautiful day. We had a lot of great chess (and, yes, a lot of not-so-great chess). I'm always impressed by how quiet and intense the kids get. I was also delighted to see all the kids playing handball together between rounds. :)

Thank you to all the players, parents, and volunteers. Special thanks to Rick Mayfield, principal at Pacheco for being a great host!  

We had decisive results in the Rated section seeing Lyric Roberts in the lead with 5.0 points followed by Joey Ruddell with 4.0 points. It was great to see a few newcomers - thanks to all the players who took a risk to play in the rated section. Also thank you for knowing how to checkmate with a queen and king vs. king!

We had a number of last-round upsets in the non-rated section that changed results significantly. We had a tie for 1st place between Max Waldorf and Austin Koonvirarak. We had a 5-way tie for 2nd place! Though tie-breakers somehow allowed us to assign trophies the scores definitely show how close it was.

Keep an eye out on the site for information about the next tournament!

Standings - 2013 March Madness: Rated

# Name ID Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Lyric Dav Roberts 14946037 W6 W3 W2 W5 W4 5.0
2 Joey Fred Ruddell 13657054 W4 W6 L1 W3 W5 4.0
3 Brandon Wickham 12936690 W5 L1 W4 L2 W6 3.0
4 Landan Beaudoin 15024677 L2 W5 L3 L6 L1 1.0
5 Liam Roberts 15149990 L3 L4 W6 L1 L2 1.0
6 Evan Gray 15149984 L1 L2 L5 W4 L3 1.0

Standings - 2013 March Madness: Non-Rated

# Name ID Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Max Waldorf W9 W12 W3 W5 L2 4.0
2 Austin Koonvirarak W4 L9 W10 W11 W1 4.0
3 Mason Shipcott W5 W8 L1 D7 D6 3.0
4 Natalia Grondin L2 W11 X14 D6 D7 3.0
5 Nathaniel Ruddell 14721748 L3 B--- W6 L1 W9 3.0
6 Ryan Anderson W7 W10 L5 D4 D3 3.0
7 Diego Senn L6 W13 W9 D3 D4 3.0
8 Zachary Whitfield L14 L3 D11 W10 W13 2.5
9 Nicolas Laursen L1 W2 L7 W13 L5 2.0
10 Nikolas Perez-Linggi W12 L6 L2 L8 W15 2.0
11 James Machado W13 L4 D8 L2 D12 2.0
12 Madison Neville L10 L1 L13 B--- D11 1.5
13 Brielle Machado L11 L7 W12 L9 L8 1.0
14 Ava Carlson W8 L15 F4 U--- U--- 1.0
15 John Raj U--- W14 U--- U--- L10 1.0